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Hi, I'm J.C. Merak and you might call me a freelance writer. Full of opinion on politics and criticism of the American ordeal, I have become a little known local penman of polemic and opined paragraphs, encompassing my extensive studies of history and its present implications on the world and society.  I have often been featured inside the pages of local newspapers and this website. Find out more here.

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Short Stories

The Next Day: A Short Sci-Fi Story

by J.C. Merak, 2013

Every morning at 7 am, I would wake out of my bed, my smart home registering that an adult male had lain there, sensing my body temperature and my weight. I trudge towards my shower, already running and hot for me, but I must hurry because my shower water usage will expire in 3 minutes and forty-seven seconds. I step out and dry off, going to the sink to brush my teeth, shave, and take my daily dose of government-mandated Reasonidol. I cheek it. . .


We're Not In The Clear, Yet

by J.C. Merak, 12/10/2016

Donald Trump won, but he remains a wild card--we must be vigilant.

Guns & Government Lists Will Equal Confiscation

by J.C. Merak, 1/2/2016

HOW TO BAN GUNS: Step 1: People on no-fly list can’t buy guns. Step 2: Everyone goes on no-fly list.

– Philip Bump, December 7, 2015

Guns Debunked

by J.C. Merak, 1/8/2016

Part 1

NSA Surveillance Continues Despite Promises, Program End

by J.C. Merak, 12/1/2015

Government Assassination Still Legal In America

by J.C. Merak, 12/7/2015

“There is a real possibility that an American president could use this program on American soil to eliminate individuals who have been deemed “terrorists” or “extremists.”

The Value Of Real Money

by J.C. Merak, 10/13/2015

It seems that no one knows the value of real money anymore.

Or at least not many do.

So, what is “real money”?

A Sun Tax & Un-Patriotism

by J.C. Merak, 11/12/2015

They are using their influence and power (pun intended) in the government to coerce a population into giving them what they demand. It's like having a loaded gun to your head and saying it's a voluntary system...

Constitutional Carry In Ohio. Bring It In 2016.

By J.C. Merak

2016 has got to be the year that Ohio passes Constitutional Carry!

By J.C. Merak, 6/8/2015

There is no sane argument to say that if you spread a bad law equally that it somehow becomes good and therefore those who are out of line must be punished; Yet it goes without saying that the sheep believe this and therefore cheer the punishment of the ones who don't comply with the patently absurd, retarded legalese.

Rest In Peace, Internet: FCC Rules To Regulate Internet

by J.C. Merak, 3/3/2015

On Feb. 26, the FCC passed their secret 332 page plan to regulate the internet in a so-called move to preserve net-neutrality.

Executive Order 12333—The Authorization Of Spying On Americans

by J.C. Merak, 9/30/2014

Executive Order 12333, which was issued in 1981 by Ronald Reagan, authorizes the entire intelligence community to collect, share, disseminate, and store data.

Vaccine Whistleblower Being Suppressed

by J.C. Merak, 9/26/2014

CDC employee and inside whistleblower William Thompson has openly spoken about his research and the fraud that he helped commit.

Nature Wins Over Lab - Traditional Crops Outgrow GMO

by J.C. Merak, 9/26/2014

Published in the journal Nature on 16 September, presents data on the differences between genetically engineered crops (GMO) and those that are traditional cross-bred types.

The Goings On Of Government – What Are They Planning For?

NDAA Battlefield Bill, Militarization of Police, & Continuity of Government Plans

by J.C. Merak, 3/13/2014, Rev. 9/8/2014

While it seems like it could be a very good fictional storyline in a futuristic novella, it's not, because everything that has happened and has been discussed here is nothing short of what the government has already done and put in place.

Ferguson's Taste of Tyranny

by J.C. Merak, 8/14/2014

The pangs of how rapidly our structures deteriorate in a panicked situation.

Harvard Connects Fluoride To Brain Damage, Low IQ

J.C. Merak, 3/4/2013

Take a careful sip of water: Harvard studies prove link between fluoride and lowered IQ and brain damage.

GMO, Seralini Study, Monsanto, the European Union and America's Food: Yummy! Or Perhaps Not

By J.C. Merak, 3/1/2014

Genetically modified organisms: they're a hot topic depending on who you ask. Yet one major point that those who oppose their use or irresponsibility and lack of concern from the government, is that GMO is irrefutably dangerous to the well-being of humans, animals, biodiversity and our food supply.

Military Force Arrives: Armored Vehicles & Local LE Are Still Wrong

by J.C. Merak, 2/22/2014

Just one more step in the slippery slope that America finds itself in towards an all-encompassing police state which has now arrived right here at home.

Target Credit Card Problems, RFID and Privacy

by J.C. Merak, 12/28/2013

The future is today and the Target credit card problems and the ushering in of widespread use of RFID in sectors like credit and banking, this surely is a brave new world order which offers convenience and so-called safety, at the expense of privacy and the true identity of the individual.

Ohio Senate Proposes Regressive Child Abuse Law That Specifically Targets Home-Schooling

by J.C. Merak, 12/20/2013

The Smart Meter: How It Will Destroy Cyber Security, Privacy and Health

by J.C. Merak, 11/4/2013

[P]roponents of the smart grid, ... say that the technology can help the industry meet power demands, fix problems faster, and help consumers lower their electricity bills.” Okay, sounds good, right? Umm, no. . .

The Guards & The Gates

By J.C. Merak, 10/15/2013

In America we take many things for granted. Like those who have served our country bravely.

Government Shutdown?More Like Brain Shutdown.

By J.C. Merak, 10/4/2013

The Government shutdown is little more than political theatre that is bought by a great many people . . .

Read More . . .

 The Myth About Fluoride

by J.C. Merak, October 1st, 2013

Let me ask you a question: Does your water taste funny? A lot has changed in the last 60 years ... fluoride is not the be-all and end-all to prevent tooth decay, and the side effects shown in new research are deadly. It's time for a change.

Read More . . .

It Came And We Conquered

A Poem

by J.C. Merak, 9/17/2013

It came without a warning, it came without a sound, it came without any footsteps, to hear upon the ground . . .

Education In Amerika: Common Core's Soviet-style System Of Control

by J.C. Merak, June 17th, 2013

As Seen In The Marietta Times!

The Common Core standards are a literal and convenient way to implement federal control over all school education and to push international ideologues . . .

Read More . . .

Myriad Genetics Ruling & GMO's; Any Affect?

by J.C. Merak, June 13th, 2013

As Seen In The Marietta Times!

With the Myriad Genetics case that went to the Supreme Court and was recently ruled on, shouldn't this have some bearing on how SCOTUS rules on genetically modified crop cases?

Read More . . .

Shady Bilderberg Group Meets Again This Year In England; Veteran Bilderberg Investigator Passes

by J.C. Merak, June 2nd, 2013

As Seen In The Marietta Times!

Every year since 1954 a secret cabal of the most powerful people on planet Earth meet in near secrecy . . . We're here to expose them all.

Read More . . .

Intersecting Problems

by J.C. Merak, February 21st, 2013

**As Featured In The Marietta Times**

While an intersection may seem like a moot and straightforward project these days, the ideas of the intersection being changed drastically like it might, is an issue . . . an example that government can and will act without the consent of the governed. . .

2nd Amendment Under Attack: Buckeye State Faces New, Harsh Gun Regulations

by J.C. Merak, September 2012

Are you willing to lose your Constitutional Second Amendment Rights? Well, that's exactly what's happening right now in the Ohio State Congress.

How To Write Your Own Vaccine Exemption Form

by J.C. Merak with Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, 2012

When you decide to not vaccinate, you must Write Your Own exemption form.

Poem: An Experiment of the Human

by J.C. Merak, 2012

Amongst themselves they quarrel, and never do they agree. . .

Poem: Many Years

by J.C. Merak, August 2012

Oh, the years do go by, and 'lo there are many, and for all of the thoughts . . .

PKU Tests and Phenylalanine Questioned

by J.C. Merak, August 20th, 2012

The reason for phenylketonuria is caused by high levels of the essential amino acid phenylalanine . . .

Op Ed Insider: PerfectMatch The Movie Soon To Have Marietta Premiere!

By J.C. Merak for General Films, LLC, May 5th, 2012

For Marietta, a small and maybe average tourist town (okay, I'm being modest) located on the Ohio River, Hollywood-type excitement rarely happens. Yet back in 2010, some residents of Marietta . . .

Financial Situations: Media and Government Bolstering of Economy Also Has Adverse Effects On Jobs, Wages, Taxes, Business, and Life In General

by J.C. Merak, April 13th, 2012

We should all know that the media can be used both for bad and good purposes. One of those supposedly good purposes is to bolster trust in the economy . . .

JC's Quick Squib: Google's Project Glass: Get Hit By A Truck (In Augmented Reality) and Other Things

By J.C. Merak, April 5th, 2012

Just released yesterday to the public amid long-time speculation among the tech community, Google announced its new Project Glass.

Kony Is Phony &  A Means To War: Why Kony 2012 Is Just Plain Stupid

by J.C. Merak, March 15th, 2012

If you've heard about this Kony 2012 movement now going on, you may feel compassionate towards the principle behind it. At first glance, I might be too. Yet, I wanted to look further into this and why all of the sudden we start hearing about Joseph Kony . . . Read More

Troops March For Ron Paul In Massive Turnout Monday, Goes Largely Unreported By Mainstream News

by J.C. Merak, 2/21/2012

-Washington, D.C.

On Monday, the 20th day of February, the United States Capital was ablaze with activity as whole ranks of troops went a-marching on the Mall. Yet this wasn't a protest, nor was it a . . . .

Read the rest here . . .

As Featured In:


Although it may be unconventional, the idea is very adaptive to the present and the future and does not sacrifice the historical or local cultural prevalence of the Armory . . .
Read More Here . . .


Welcome To 1984: Government's New Propaganda Machine Established

by J.C. Merak, 1/1/2017

 ...this “law” will not simply target actual propaganda coming from our so-called “enemies” .... and allow the government to censor or silence pretty much anyone with the means to spread a message, for any reason they like....

Council Wants To Own You

 A Local Issue

by J.C. Merak, 10/16/2016

What is at stake is a nice little “town” in southeastern Ohio getting sucked into the United Nations international dragnet of Agenda 21 control...

Malheur Occupation, Uranium, Russia, Clinton, Money

by J.C. Merak, 9/29/2016

They Want To Get Rid Of Big Bills - A Privacy Nightmare In The New Cashless Society

by J.C. Merak, 2/19/2016

Guns Debunked

by J.C. Merak, 1/8/2016

Part 2

The Fear Of Issue 3

by J.C. Merak, 11/13/2015

Tricking the Ohio voter to think that Issue 3 was handing over that much power (to the State) was a smooth move. In other words, it was a major defeat to capitalism.

Muslims, Terror, Trump & Your Head In The Sand

by J.C. Merak, 12/12/2015

If “love for thy neighbor” is sticking your head in the sand, I want none of it.

Too Hot? Too Cold? You Know, The Globalists Can Never Be Wrong.

By J.C. Merak, 11/2/2015

Lost jobs and shuttering of industry are mere side effects in the big picture of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) power grab and the Obama administration's so-called “Clean Power Plan.”

The Best Tool The Police Have Are Relationships

by J.C. Merak, 11/12/2015

To the people and to the police. Submitted for your consideration: Police in Vermont understand the greater importance of public service and being involved in a community than ever relying on military gear and a military mindset.

Wayne Fracking Is About Property Rights And Who Really Owns the Land, Not If It Should Be Done

by J.C. Merak, 11/20/2015

The EPA's Toxic Sludge Continues To Ooze

by J.C. Merak, 8/13/2015

It is ironic, as Rep. Lamar Smith (TX-R) on the House Science Committee commented on the issue that the EPA, “charged with ensuring that the nations waters are clean is reportedly responsible for the toxic water spill at the Gold King Mine...."

Police Speak Out On BATFE's Ban On 5.56 Ammo, 2nd Amendment Attack

by J.C. Merak, 3/9/2015

“Any ammunition is of concern to police in the wrong hands, but this specific round has historically not posed a law enforcement problem.”

BATFE Going After 5.56 Ammo, Guns, 2nd Amendment

by J.C. Merak, 3/3/2015

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives along with other government officials are now claiming that the 5.56 round, with a military classification M855, should be considered an "armor-piercing round."

Local School Districts Arming For Martial Law?

by J.C. Merak, 9/26/2014

This isn't necessarily a question, so much a warning of the militarization of schools, law enforcement.

Thompson's Got Nothing To Do With Corporations' Downfall

Andy Thompson, Ormet, Taxes & Campaign Lies

by J.C. Merak, 9/29/2014

I believe we focus more on politics and far less about the reality of policy, and this is our detriment. It is our downfall to allow blind fear lead us.

About Time AG Holder Leaves Office

by J.C. Merak, 9/26/2014

Holder must leave amid tensions that he's abusing his powers.

Ever Present Surveillance

by J.C. Merak, 9/6/2014

There is also the overarching theme that it is “us” vs. “them.” That law enforcement, the government, is above us. Truly, our Big Brother. Us, their subjects.

Climate Change Is Social Control

by J.C. Merak, 8/18/2014

Climate change. Evil CO2. Evil Coal. Overpopulation. It's about social change. It's about control.


By J.C. Merak, 8/14/2014

                                                                  ...When something is so sure, when does it become burdening to the point to merely suggest a change or disruption?

IPMC Crosses The Line: a series against the Marietta, Ohio adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code

by J.C. Merak, Starting 1/25/2014

The code is being heralded by local officials as a savior for public safety; but as investigation and opinion cross, there is so much more at stake - private property rights.

by J.C. Merak, 1/3/2014

The case against legalizing marijuana or at the least, decriminalizing the use and sale of it, is very flimsy and unsupported by fact. It defies all logic that the establishment in government and media can somehow twist the reality of this dried plant leaf and turn it into an evil thing.

by J.C. Merak, 12/8/2013
As a treaty, the very international scope of its language and its power to command over government policy in the guise of “free trade” is also invariably a violation of national sovereignty and a detriment to real markets and worldwide trading.

 Insurance Coercion & Flooding

by J.C. Merak, 11/15/2013

Insurance is a gambling game in which corporations bet on the ill of others, and coercion being the driving force to compel high priced buy-ins at the betting table.

by J.C. Merak, 10/25/2013
We have seen a paradigm shift locally that has been happening macroscopically all over the United States. That police and Sheriffs are rapidly becoming paramilitary forces.
The Not So Affordable Care Act

by J.C. Merak, 10/2/2013

The Federal Government in general has no right, whether statutory law exists, to mandate its citizens to buy any product.

Read More . . .


by J.C. Merak, 10/3/2013

If I were a drug dealer, I would praise my federal government for waging the drug war, because it makes my black market extremely profitable.

Read More . . .

by J.C. Merak, July 15th, 2013
As Seen In The Marietta Times!
Plant closures are not just local problems that have effect on local economies. They are grave warnings of the future begging the question; how can America keep the power on?
by J.C. Merak, June 5th, 2013
As Seen In The Marietta Times!
$600K is being spent on enclosing walkways to provide safety at MHS, but BoE and public didn't look too closely at real statistics leading me to wonder, aren't they wasting taxpayer money?
by J.C. Merak, March 22nd, 2013
As Seen In The Marietta Times!
What part of 'NO' don't you understand. Sometimes the best action is inaction. Government was founded on this principle. We don't need a 3.26 Million Dollar intersection that ruins our travel abilities . . .

by J.C. Merak, December 24th, 2012
The Right to Bear Arms is not a limit on the people's power, but a limit on the governments' ability to inflict oppression on its people . . .

by J.C. Merak, October 22, 2012
Are you sick of trying to choose the “lesser of two evils”?

by J.C. Merak, October 2012
Gasoline filling stations are massively flawed in the occurrence of power outages.
by J.C. Merak, August 29th, 2012
I have prepared a few topical, but necessary questions below that I feel are very important to ask to our candidates . . .

Poem: From The Deep, I Rise

by J.C. Merak, 2012

From the deepest clutches of hell, to the darkest corners of the earth, I've been taken on a journey, Void of sense, though and mirth. . .

by J.C. Merak, June 1st, 2012

The Bilderberg Conference is just heating up. In Chantilly, Virginia, a group of international power brokers . . .

by J.C. Merak, May 9th, 2012

What would be scarier than having another 9/11? What would you do if you were sent to a internment camp? How would you feel about having military and police patrolling our streets, only one night to force you and your family from your home? . . .

By J.C. Merak, 2012

When you really strip away all the facades we barricade ourselves with each and everyday, like Facebook, Twitter . . .

Boycott HBO: Young Girls Should Not Be Sipping From (Sick)

by J.C. Merak, April 13th, 2012

Seriously!? What level of despicable grossness have we lowered ourselves to? Just reading the title should make you cringe. But on the HBO channel . . .

by J.C. Merak, April 8th, 2012

As in the year 1722, when the unbounded and youth-full Benjamin Franklin, as a six-teen year old apprentice . . .

by J.C. Merak, March 18th, 2012
Since the mainstream media would have you believe that Mitt Romney won the United States Virgin Islands Caucus on March 11th, I'd like to point out that actually Ron Paul won, receiving 29% of the votes and Romney only received 26%. So what's up? Read More

by J.C. Merak, 2/29/2012

In the midst of the Chardon High School shooting in which 3 students lost their lives and 2 others are in a continued critical state, many people are now in a mode to want closure and ask why . . .

Read More . . .

by J.C. Merak


It's quite an interesting thing that we are no longer hearing much, if any news about the Fukushima disaster at the Daiichi Nuclear Facility in Japan in the last year. We should take a second look at this. Most people who are discussing the disaster . . . .

Read More Here . . .

NDAA PASSED: Tyranny Is Here

by J.C. Merak, January 1st, 2012


The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, has been passed! On December 31st, 2011 just in the last several hours of the year . . .

Read More . . .

       Featured On J.C.M.

Perfect Match The Movie: An Insider Scoop

You may and may not know that I was a part of a film crew last year shooting a wonderful movie that I believe will be one of the hottest indie films to hit the silver screen this fall. Coming from writer and director Chad Eddy and the producers at General Films comes the delightful romantic comedy Perfect Match. The film which has undergone about a years worth of grueling filming, editing, re-shooting, soundtrack-ing, and overall preparation, follows "Two love lorn twenty-somethings, Maggie and Stephen, who find each other on a popular Internet dating site." It may sound anything but exciting, but it sure does get that way since "Stephen works for the site that brought the two of them together . . . and  . . . manipulates the site to create a perfect match. As you can guess, it gets complicated." Oh yes, it does get very complicated, but I can't reveal too much more here. Executive producer and friend Mark Booker made the comment  that Perfect Match is a somewhat modern, updated spin on both popular love stories "When Harry Met Sally" and "You've Got Mail". In an interview with local news media outlet WTAP, when asked about the risks and rewards of making film he said, "You're making something people can see. Something people can touch. Something everyone identifies with. It's hard and difficult all the time, but very rewarding." Yes, I can vouch for that and this film is nothing short of spectacular. I just can't wait for the premiere sometime this fall, especially to share something I personally helped in, with you.

You can see the official first trailer here and get warmed up for the bright lights and red carpet, soon to come to our hometown! 

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